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Meet the Baker 

Since her childhood days creating and plating desserts on her tiny tea set, Meghan knew what she wanted. A small coffee shop and bakery specializing in artistically created cakes along a picturesque coastline.  Ideally, on the midcoast of Maine.


Meghan grew up living in states coast to coast, but Maine was always home. From baking through her childhood to starting a culinary club in high school, she followed her dream of creating art you can eat to college. Meghan focused on baking, pastry, and culinary management as a honors graduate of the International Culinary Arts School at the Art Institute of Charleston, South Carolina.  Pursuing her passion in a city known for its southern charm and love of great food, she spent her college years working in kitchens, studying, and practicing her pastry skills.  


When the opportunity to move home to Maine arrived, she packed up her mixer and moved. Six months later she was offered the chance to realize her dream to open her shop on the coast and Creamed Baking Co. was born.